Electronic Rights: Freedom and Privacy in an Information World

The aim of this project, this Web site, is to cover some of the important areas of rights on the Internet, and regarding technology as a whole to a lesser extent. The main areas covered are those of the right to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of publishing content, and issues related to intellectual property and copyright material.
The issues of privacy, freedom of speech, and of copyright are becoming ever more important in this information-driven world.

This is a list of the contents of the site:

This site is a project created by Stephen Jacob, stjacob@tcd.ie, for course 2BA6: Computers and Society, a second year Computer Science course in Dublin University, Trinity College Dublin. Research, layout design, graphic design and content by Stephen Jacob. Details of the author and project are provided below:
Name: Stephen Jacob
Student Number: 93145225
E-mail: stjacob@tcd.ie
WWW: Stephen Jacob's Home Page
Course: Senior Freshman Computer Science
Subject: 2BA6: Computers and Society
Project: 2BA6 Semester 1 Project: WWW Site
Date: 12 December 1996

Target audience: This site is intended to give an overview of the issues at stake to interested readers with a basic knowledge of the Internet and its protocols.

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