Choose The Force

Ewan MacGregor's opening speech in the new Star Wars (so I'm told):

Choose the force. Choose a side, Choose a jedi knight, Choose a teacher, choose a fucking big death star, choose star destroyers, blasters, tie-fighters and a light sabre. Choose a black suit, black helmet and boots.

Choose a loan from Jabba the Hut. Choose a philosophy. Choose an Emperor. Choose a planet with matching moon. Choose a three planet system in the Dromoda system and fucking enslave them. Choose the Rebels and wondering why the fuck you are kneeling by the Emperor on a Sunday morning.

Choose sitting next to that Emperor watching whole planets being enslaved in mind-controlling, force-crushing battles, stuffing fucking replacement parts into your body. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable death star, nothing more than a dictator to the selfish, evil fucked up brats who fight for you.

Choose a future. Choose the Force.

I chose not to choose the Force. I chose something else - I chose the Dark Side.

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