DALnet Information


Latest update on highest client count on DALnet:

The latest high, updated 8th August 1998 is: 28511!!!

DALnet IRC Servers

A listing of DALnet IRC servers can be found on the main DALnet site, and for the most up to date listing, finger servers@dal.net. Lists of registered bots are among the things which are typically available on a server's web page.
* glass.dal.net
* mystic.dal.net
* nether.dal.net
* phoenix.dal.net
* voyager.dal.net

DALnet Services

One of the major things which sets DALnet appart from all its competitors and lesser nets are DALnet Services. They allow, among a host of other things, users to register and own their nickname(s) and channel(s) using NickServ and ChanServ. Currently registered nicknames and channels both number many thousands. Users can also send notes to each other using MemoServ which the recipient can pick up when they next sign on to DALnet.
* DALnet Services
+ NickServ
+ ChanServ
+ MemoServ
* Registrations:
+ Registered Nicknames
+ Registered Channels
If you are having problems using DALnet Services, you might like to try something I wrote...
* Services Help interactive (SHi)

The DALnet Telnet Clients

You can also telnet to the DALnet telnet client if you do not have your own IRC client at the following address:
* telnet telnet.dal.net
This address is a pool of telnet client servers from which one is picked at random for you when you telnet to it. It is also possible to telnet to specific telnet clients, or you can finger telnet@dal.net to get a list of available DALnet telnet clients. Here is a list of currently available telnet clients as of 30th Apr 1996:
* telnet telnet.ca.us.dal.net (Sunnyvale, California, USA) - maximum 40 clients
* telnet telnet.ut.us.dal.net (San Diego, California, USA) - maximum 10 clients

DALnet FTP Sites

DALnet has a large and well stocked ftp site which contains both information and software specific to DALnet itself and its administration and software useful to everyone; for example, the DALnet ftp site has one of the best archives of IRC clients for all systems. There are also several mirror sites in case of ftp.dal.net being unreachable for any reason!
* ftp.dal.net/dalnet/
* ftp.au.dal.net/pub/dalnet/
* bielefeld.netsurf.de/dalnet/
* merlin.dorm.virginia.edu/pub/mirrors/dalnet/

DALnet Admins and IRCops

DALnet prides itself on having friendly, helpful server administrators and IRC operators. My listing of DALnet Admins and IRCops lists them by server.

DALnet users

I have compiled and continue to compile a list of home pages of DALnet people:
* DALnet people's pages
I also maintain a DALnet userlist to which any user may request to be added:
* IRC DALnet user list
+ DALnet IRCops (IRC Operators)
+ Ordinary users

DALnet Web Sites

The official DALnet web sites are rich sources of information about DALnet, whether you are looking for general information, or archives of the mailing lists, or information on DALnet Services!
* The Official DALnet Web Site
+ DALnet Services
+ DALnet Mail Server
* MirclMax's DALnet Web Site (www2.dal.net)
* The DALnet Pending Server Page

Important DALnet Links

* The DALnet IRC Network Charter
* irc2DALnet -- The DALnet ircII script file by MirclMax