IRC Commands Explanation



* General Information
* Commands For All Users
* Commands For Channel Operators (ChanOps)
* Commands For IRC Operators (IRCops)

General Information

Where a parameter appears in square brackets, [ and ], it is an optional parameter. In other words, you can leave it out.

To merely say something in a channel, just type it or type:

/say Whatever it is that you wish to say

They /say is redundant really and is rarely of use unless

  1. You want to say something starting with a / which would otherwise be interpretted as a command
  2. You want to say something in an alias or script

Commands For All Users

/list /join #Channel /names [#Channel] /me does an action /msg Nickname message /describe destination does an action /exec OS_command /exec - OS_command /redirect destination /command

Commands For Channel Operators

(ChanOps) /topic [topic] /topic #Channel [topic] /kick #Channel Nickname [message] /mode #Channel +o Nickname /mode #Channel +b Nickname!user@host.domain /mode #Channel +/-paramater

Commands For IRC Operators

/kill Nickname [reason]