Those cute little critters!

The amoeba is the mascot of #Macadamia!

Wonderful little creatures, don't you think? For those of you who aren't intimately acquainted with an amoeba, here's some details:

  1. They are unicellular little fellows
  2. They move by means of pseudopoda
  3. They eat by:
    1. encasing floating food particles in a food vacuole
    2. releasing digestive enzymes from lysosomes into the vacuoles
    3. absorbing the nutrients into the cytoplasm
    4. ejecting the remaining contents of the food vacuole
    5. reabsorbing the membrane of the vacuole into the cell membrane
  4. They live in water (as if you hadn't guessed)
  5. Freshwater ones possess contractile vacuoles
  6. Marine ones don't
  7. They taste good with garlic (Just kidding!!!)
  8. As unicellular creatures, they belong to the kingdom protista under the 'Three Kingdom' system