My JF CS Grades (1996)

My JF Computer Science Grades
1BA1 Mathematics 135 II2
1BA2 Introduction to Programming I
1BA3 Introduction to Computing I
1BA4 Digital Logic Design II1
1BA5 Electrotechnology I II1
1BA6 Computers & Society I
Overall I

Other Stats
My placing grades-wise 5
My position in class 6
... percentage-wise top 8.3%
Number in class 72
Number of firsts (I) in class 7
Percentage firsts in class 9.7%
Proportion of class passed overall 45.9%
Proportion of class failed (failed 1 or more subjects) 54.1%

Explanations of Grades
I First 70-100% pass
II1 Second (Two-one) 60-69%
II2 Second (Two-two) 50-59%
III Third 40-49%
F1 F-one 35-39% fail
F2 F-two 30-24%
F3 F-three 0-29%

© Copyright Stephen Jacob, 1996.