Stephen Jacob's Spaceballs Page

The beginning...

                             Once upon a time
[fast fade out, fast fade in to star scape text begins scrolling from the bottom of the screen into the middle of the screen away from you like at that start of Star Wars]
                        In a galaxy very, very, very,
                        very, far  away  there  lived
                        a  ruthless  race  of  beings 
                        known as . . . Spaceballs.

                               Chapter Eleven

                        The evil  leaders  of  Planet 
                        Spaceball,  having  foolishly
                        squandered   their   precious
                        atmosphere,  have  devised  a
                        secret  plan  to  take  every
                        breath  of  air   away   from 
                        their peace-loving neighbour,
                        Planet Druidia.

                        Today  is  Princess   Vespa's 
                        wedding   day.    Unbeknownst
                        to the princess  but  knownst
                        to us, danger  lurks  in  the
                        stars above...
[The text scrolls away and, just as it is becoming illegible, another two lines appear]
                        If you  can  read  this,  you
                        don't need glasses.
[The text scrolls off the screen... The front of a Spaceballs starcruiser, Spaceball 1, appears at the right hand side of the screen. It moves slowly across the screen and the suspense music and the shape of what we see go by keeps making it seem like we will see the back end of the ship... Numerous times this happens until, after a long time, the end of the ship passes with vast glowing engines and a sign below them saying "WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY"]


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