Hello Fellow X-Files Fan!!

I would like to tell you about the time my ex-husbands' father told me a story of the incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

My ex-husband's uncle was a pilot during WWII and continued in the service after the war ended. He became a test pilot for the government in the New Mexico area.

He was involved with the testing of effects of the bomb's radiation on pilots and the effects that would be long-term. In fact, very sadly to say this fine man died about 16 years ago with cancer that could be directly related to the effects that he suffered while flying test missions for our government.

Well anyway, my ex-father-in-law told me that according to Uncle Winston the Roswell incident was true and in fact, the government did recover a crashed UFO with aliens aboard.

They further explained to me that the aliens were very similar to the aliens that were seen on the film "ALIEN AUTOSPY". Have you seen that?? It is a must see for people like us.

It was also told to me that the US Government was very good at covering up incidents because they wanted to have a sort of control over us.

We talked for awhile with myself being totally amazed and wishing that Uncle Winston was alive so that I could talk with him myself.

After that night when they went into such vivid detail of little men with large, bulging eyes in shiny, silver suits I knew that I was hooked. I've even thought of the possible scenario of my being abducted (since I am a physician) and helping mankind solve that ever present question. "Is there LIFE on other planets" Oh well, enough daydreaming. I'd loved to hear from anyone else who can share my joy, wonder and ever present awareness that the "TRUTH IS OUT THERE"

Well I just wanted to share that with you. You can reply to me at my e-mail address: sherry1@gainv.mindspring.com

Bye for now....Remember "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE"

...Red :)